Have you failed at anything recently?

An exam, an assignment or even an entire academic year?

You may even have failed a resit again! The reason people fail resits is because they use the same flawed study strategies and learning approaches that they used to fail the exam or assessment the first time.

So how are you feeling about it?

Negative, depressed, fed up, tearful, confused, annoyed, angry, or all of those?

Look at it this way instead.

Failure represents an opportunity for you to admit to weaknesses in your approaches to learning. Once you’ve admitted to those weaknesses you can start to change them.

In front of you is the opportunity to change and strengthen your learning approaches. How amazing is that!

This is not an overnight process; there are no magic memory or study pills you can swallow to make your learning process easier, unfortunately. If there were I’d be selling them for large sums of money!!

However, changing the way you plan and structure your learning to resit an exam is not that difficult. It just requires you to realise how your brain works best and, therefore, which study planning and memorization strategies work best for you.

Re-submitting an assignment may just require you to invest more time interpreting and researching the question. Or you may need to improve your writing and editing skills, brush up on your grammar and punctuation and get to work on developing your vocabulary.

If you’re uncertain about how to do approach your resits and need to invest in your future success, book a 1-1 Study Coaching session.

With the Unlocked Learner’s guidance you’ll never fail an exam again!