These 5 rules of formal essay writing need to be incorporated into every single essay and assignment that you hand in to ensure your writing style meets higher level academic requirements which should also ensure that you achieve higher grades.

In addition to making sure you use the 5 rules in this video when you’re essay writing, remember also to incorporate the fundamental rules of good writing which are:

1. Write with your reader in mind: as you’re writing you’re assignment, think about the person who’ll be reading and marking your work. That could be your subject lecturer, tutor, class teacher. Imagine that person reading your written work aloud and try and gauge how it sounds as they’re reading it and how they will respond to it.

2. Give your reader nothing (or as little as possible) to complain about: think about what your assignment reader, and marker (imagine that person in your head again), will complain about. Uncorrected spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation and/or grammatical mistakes all give your reader plenty to complain about! As does incorrect referencing, factual errors along with all and any of the 5 writing errors in this video that cause reader headaches!

3. Writing a good assignment is a process of several stages requiring you to implement effective planning and time use skills: every time you get a new assignment, the very first thing you should do is mark the deadline on your monthly planner, then plan backwards from that deadline a date when you need to have the first draft written. This should be at least 2-3 days before the deadline so you can accommodate time to edit your 1st draft or get your essay proofread. In order to meet that 1st draft deadline, you’ll also need to pencil in further interim ‘milestone’ deadlines to complete research, reading and typing up. If you don’t have a monthly planner already in place, you can download one from the Study Planning page over here.

Incorporate all of the rules in the video as well as the 3 strategies above and empower yourself to get better grades.