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How Does the Proofreading/Editing Service Work?

Fill in & submit the ‘Request Proofreading/Editing’ form on this page with details of the work you’d like proofread.

Upload your document to our secure server using the link provided. We’ll be in touch to confirm receipt of the document & schedule payment.

It’s as simple as that!

I'd Like To Use Your Service But Haven't Finished My Assignment Yet! What Do I Do?

That’s OK. We understand that written work sometimes takes longer to complete than planned.

However, we aim to provide the best service possible so please contact us with your request at least 72 hours in advance of when you require your document returned. The more you give us, the better we can work with you to achieve your desired grade.

Please note that we cannot start any work until we have received a 50% deposit.

How Much Does It Cost?

We currently charge £15 per 1,000 words for a standard assignment or bachelors/masters level thesis.

For PhDs or other longer documents we can agree a rate separately.

We’ll send you an invoice with your cost estimate which you can pay via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

What Will I Get For My Money?

Your document will always be checked by a fluent English speaker who has extensive knowledge and experience of providing professional proofreading and editing services, as well as writing advice, particularly in an academic context.

Errors with grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary usage & common writing flaws such as tone, register and style will be corrected. 

Your referencing style and formatting will also be checked, if you require.

All corrections will be made using the Review function in Word so you will have ultimate control over which changes are implemented.

You’ll also receive comments & advice within the document on how to improve your overall writing style or these will be emailed to you separately.

If relevant, we’ll also send suggestions for suitable resources or texts that may help you improve your grammar and/or writing style.

We aim to enable you to become a more independently skilled and confident writer, in addition to correcting and improving your work for you. 

“Doing a degree as a mature student was initially quite daunting. Having not been in education for many years, I was unsure of how to structure and write an academic essay.

Maria gave me the skills and confidence to write academically. Her proofreading feedback and additional help and advice enabled me to study and write more effectively, improving my grades.

This led to me achieving a first in my dissertation and a 2.1 degree overall.”

John, BA Criminology, 2.1 (Uni of Westminster)

Read more testimonials from previous students who used this service:

“I hired The Unlocked Learner to help me proofread, edit and check the grammar of my PhD thesis. They were extremely prompt, detailed, offered useful suggestions and were very good at finding errors that I couldn’t spot. They also helped me with the automatic formatting of page numbering and fonts (all 280 pages!).

This is a “must have” service for masters and doctoral students and I would highly recommend them because they really take the time to go through your document with a fine toothed comb. Thank you so much!”

Dr Denise, PhD (Psychology), 2015

“I used Maria’s proofreading services for over two academic years as I was lucky to meet her via my university where she worked. She proofread my essays, reflective logs and, most recently, my dissertation. Not only did she help me improve my grades during the third, most important, year of my degree but she also contributed to helping me enrich my vocabulary and improve my writing style.

Her feedback is always well structured and clear and she is extremely supportive when discussing the structure of assignments. She helped me to better understand assessment requirements and meet them by pointing out where I needed to rewrite sections of work, especially with reflective writing which was a real challenge for me.

Without her help I wouldn’t have done as well. She has very good organisational skills, her comments are always fair and can lead you to a better grade. Thank you for your help Maria!”

Zhaklin, BA Politics, 2.1

“I wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for your proofreading and support and guidance for my dissertation. I’ve received my grade today and got a Merit, for which you might guess how happy I am. Thanks a lot again for your support!”

“Maria helped me during my Masters degree thesis writing stage. She was able to explain to me in a very clear way how I could put my ideas into words. She not only helped me improve my academic writing skills but also to overcome my fear of writing an academic thesis.

I cannot describe how much her assistance helped me as without our conversations and her support I would not have achieved a Merit on my dissertation. Thank you once again!”

Student F, MA Human Resource Management

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