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What is Study Coaching?

This is the age of lifelong learning; it’s no longer enough just to have qualifications. To achieve and thrive you must be able to adapt and learn continually in order to stay up-to-date with advancing technologies & systems.

The most successful people on the planet in future years will be the ones who have learned how they learn best. 

Study Coaching will enable you to learn exactly how you learn best & equip you to become a highly successful lifelong learner.

We will work together on a 1-1 basis to identify and break through any & all limiting approaches you currently have towards your learning & study achievements.

Your Coach, Maria, will provide study tools to equip & empower you to implement fresh learning approaches using enhanced metacognitive skills that will enable you to achieve and succeed in any of the following areas:

  • effective planning and time use to meet your deadlines;
  • reading efficiently and effectively using proven strategies;
  • improving your writing skills to increase your assignment grades (you’ll need to send us a written assignment/draft);
  • creating your assignment action plan and work schedule;
  • implementing multisensory memorization strategies that work for your brain for faster revision and learning;
  • increasing your exam grades using strategic exam techniques;
  • overcoming exam anxiety;
  • overcoming performance anxiety in presentations/oral assessments.
How Will It Help Me?

If you’re struggling to get the grades you want, and feel you deserve, we will work together to make higher grades a realistic achievement for you.

We will discuss your current grades and study approaches and I will explain where and how you can improve. I will then teach you specific strategies to facilitate that improvement which you will be able to implement immediately after your coaching session.

The basis of coaching is that you learn, through weekly, fortnightly or even monthly feedback, to implement sequential improvements to your study approaches so you become a better skilled and more successful learner, fully capable of achieving much higher grades.

How Much Does It Cost?

Study Coaching sessions are priced to be as affordable as possible for students on a tight budget:

  • Completely Free 15 minute ‘Get Unstuck’ consultation (limited spaces so book today!)
  • 30 minute online Study Coaching session x 1 = £19.50
    • Package of 3 x 30 minute Study Coaching sessions = £56
    • Package of 6 x 30 minute Study Coaching sessions = £111.15
  • 60 minute online Study Coaching session x 1 = £39
    • Package of 3 x 60 minute Study Coaching sessions costs £111.15
    • Package of 6 x 60 minute Study Coaching sessions costs £217.72

Face-to-face sessions can be requested if you’re based in Greater London but these will be at higher cost.

Email: for more information.

Book a Study Coaching session today and start your journey to greater success as a lifelong learner.

Read more testimonials from previous students about this service:

“My exam results increased by 5% per exam after following Maria’s advice.”

Pete, BA (Hons) Modern History, 1st Class (Uni of Westminster)

“Maria helped me to break my essay down into concise steps and offered sensible strategies to comply with the assessment objective. This made the task of writing at a new, higher level a bit less daunting 🙂

Thank you again for your help with my essay, your advice was very helpful and I was able to get loads accomplished after our meeting!”

Jess, MA Visual Culture

“Maria helped me academically but, most importantly, emotionally as she was there for me when I really needed support which demonstrated that she really cared about my learning and was willing to help me achieve.

Maria’s style of teaching is explorative and unconventional, enabling students to experience and explore a wide range of strategies which benefit numerous aspects of their learning process. As a person with learning difficulties, I required extra support to help me feel capable and independent.

Maria’s strategies kick-started me to become explorative in my learning. It would not have been possible to get to where I am now without her support and, as a result, I’m successfully completing my degree with confidence and achieved a 2.1.”

Ibtisam, BSc Biological Sciences 2.1

“As a dyslexic student going to Maria for support with my studies not only helped me academically but it was also a form of moral support. She assisted both academically and psychologically by encouraging and allowing me to view things in a much simpler and more optimistic way.

She helped me take control of my learning difficulties by developing unique new study skills which optimised my time. I was then able to have a more balanced study/social life as I was studying much more effectively and efficiently, which ultimately led to a better understanding of my subjects, higher grades and, most importantly, free time to relax and catch up with my family and friends.

As a result of the sessions I had with Maria, I managed to finish my degree with first class honours which initially seemed impossible. Beyond doubt, I fully recommend her services!”

Sana, BSc (Hons) Psychology, 1st class (Uni of Westminster)

“Maria offered me the most helpful advice and support during my second academic year, which was very stressful and depressing. She not only helped me to improve my academic writing and study skills but she was empathic and supported me emotionally.

During my studies I always struggled to meet my deadlines and achieve my goals but I only realised this when I met Maria. She helped me to resolve the problems I was having with my time management and organisational skills through complete guidance and training.

As a result of her advice and training I’m now more self aware, confident, enthusiastic and motivated towards my studies. I would therefore sincerely recommend Maria to everyone.”

Fatima, BSc Human Nutrition

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