Writing for Success

Writing for Success 1-1 Coaching:

You’ll learn how to improve on the style, structure and tone of your writing to make it more engaging and reader-friendly. You’ll also learn where you need to focus more attention on your writing to achieve higher grades.

(These sessions are also available to employed people at 3x the student rate. Please contact us directly to arrange your booking.)

Personalised Writing for Success

In this 60 minute session we’ll look over a piece of written work that you’ve either already submitted and had graded or that you intend to submit. We’ll:

  1. Review your overall writing structure & style & pinpoint areas for improvement;
  2. Identify areas for improvement with grammar, punctuation & vocabulary;
  3. Identify whether your answer is clear & comprehensive;
  4. Check referencing protocols have been adhered to & identify areas for improvement;
  5. Create a list of areas to work on that will help you achieve higher grades.

We Empower You To Achieve Higher Grades

Our unique study coaching approach teaches you how to master the essential skills, strategies and mental states required to succeed at higher levels of study.

One to one coaching helps you find an approach that works for you

Use the Power Planning Strategy to sow the seeds for study success

Apply the Study Focus Formula to eliminate distractions forever

Achieve your best grades yet with the Exam Success Accelerator

Speed up your reading & fall in love with your studies again

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